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Learn everything you need to know about Regulation A+ offerings at the Reg.A Symposium! The Reg.A Symposium allows interested parties to gather together for a full day of education, networking, and opportunity. In addition to featured speakers, panel members, and industry professionals, the Reg.A Symposium will be the first event where companies offering Reg.A+ projects can present their deal live to the most targeted of audiences: Reg.A+ investors!

As background, the Jobs Act of 2012 birthed Regulation A+, which has allowed companies of all sizes to access capital markets and raise equity capital since its inception in 2015. With much less restrictions than a traditional IPO (including significant cost savings and the ability to present offerings to both accredited and non-accredited investors), it’s no wonder Reg.A+ is becoming the vehicle of choice that many businesses are employing to raise money. But few really understand the process and the intricacies involved – which is why we are bringing the Reg.A Symposium to life!

Attending the Reg.A Symposium will not only give you access to Reg.A issuers and those who have qualified their offering with the SEC, but also learn from industry experts who will share their ideas and experiences as they have navigated the Reg.A+ waters up to the present day.

We are scheduling this event for late November 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are currently in the process of completing our list of corporate sponsors, speakers, panel members, and of course Reg.A+ issuers who can present their offerings to the investors who will be attending the show. To become a sponsor – or for all matters concerning this symposium, please contact us, send us an email or call the Reg.A Funding Group at 612-888-REGA for more information.

Reg.A+ issuers: Don’t miss this great opportunity to pitch your deal. And investors: there’s no other event like this that will provide you access to real opportunities from real presenters! Get your tickets today. We will notify you upon finalization of the venue date and time. Thank you for your interest in the Reg.A Symposium!